Le marché français des coquilles saint Jacques
12 nov.2015

The French are among world largest consumers of scallops, with over 2kg consumed per capita per annum. Thus, the demand shows signs of weaknesses. The new report published by seafood marketing expert Marie Christine Monfort goes deep into the French retail market for scallops and reveals its dynamics and potential. It shows how this mature market is adapting to the shrinking purchasing power of the French. This report is an up-date of the 2011 edition.

The total retail market for scallop based products is estimated at 200/220 million euros in 2014, showing a decline compared to the top year of 2009 which peaked at 280/300 million euros.

11 Species on the market



Amusium pleuronectes

Vietnam, Indonesia


Annachlamys macassarensis



Argopecten circularis

Mexico, USA


Argopecten gibbus



Argopecten iradians



Argopecten purpuratus

Chile, Peru


Chlamys albidus



Chlamys islandica



Chlamys nobilis



Chlamys opercularis

Faroe Islands, Isle of Man, Scotland, Ireland, England, France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Canada


Zygochlamys patagonica

Argentina, Uruguay, USA, Brazil