Tropical Shrimps in France
15 may.2015

The French market for shrimp

France is the second largest outlet for tropical shrimp in Europe with a market estimated at 700 million Euros ($900 million) in 2014. Compared to 2011, its panorama has dramatically changed under prices pressure and new competitive forces. Here are some findings. 

  • This is still a no brand no logo market, that is recognised all through the different segments (chilled, frozen)
  • The segment of sold-in-bulk-shrimps resist to the marketing efforts of the packaged products
  • The segment for frozen shrimps is characterised by poor packaging and much room for improvement
  • Ecuador dominates the market
  • Decline of organic shrimps’ visibility with less products on sale compared to 2011
  • On this mass product market, no environmental friendly and Fair Trade shrimps

In addition to this report, the full data base (XL format) of over 180 items observed in 10 different retail shops provides full details of the products.