Labelling Seafood: What a Challenge! A Practical Guide

Answers to your questions

The abundance of labels displayed on aquatic products generates hesitation for producers, doubts for wholesalers and suspicion for consumers while they were created specifically to reassure them.

Labelling is in fashion today inciting number of consumer surveys, market studies and official claims, all sending messages which are at times concordant, at times discordant. For a private enterprise, to commit to a labelling process is a marketing strategy seeking to respond to specific needs in terms of differentiation and communication with consumers. But to say what exactly? To which target? Which label to promote which value? Going solo or as a group? What benefits to expect and at what costs?

Finding your way through the jungle

The European market for seafood offers to producers many opportunities to differentiate because of the large variety of products attributes and the diversity of consumers’ expectations. The seafood industry is actively engaging with product differentiation and market segmentation.

Publication Contents

The first part of the report evaluates and re-positions the challenges with labelling seafood products in today’s marketing, regulatory and societal context, taking account of developing trends.

In the second part, the report describes in detail over possible BtoB and BtoC labelling approaches for seafood products used on the European market.

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