Recently Completed Projects

The European Market for Mussels offers high potential

This study evidences that the potential for mussels is high in Europe. Mussel meat is a high quality marine protein, highly competitive in food markets. Yet the level of consumption is very variable by country in Europe. In some countries consumption per capita is over 3kg per year, while in others mussels have not become part of the local diet. Based on the assumption that consumption could be increased by between 200 and 500 g more per capita per annum, this opens up the market for an additional 190 000 tonnes.


Aquaculture in the Indian Ocean

The local governmant of Mayotte, a small French territory off the Northern coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean is considering aquaculture development. Marketing Seafood in cooperation with Gressard consultant have been appointed to analyse the potential and draw the prospects for this industry.


Seafood Sustainability: Market Actors & Expectations

Who are France's large scale buyers and what are their expectations when it comes to seafood sustainability? This large scale study undertaken with expert Pascale Baelde ( was the first of its type designed to offer recommendations to Norwegian producers. Nofima, Norway.


United Nations Environment Programme

Establishing sustainable, resource efficient fish supply chains for Panulirus argus lobster in Brazil. Understanding the value chain and bridging Brazilian producers with European buyers. UNEP, Brazil Ministry of Fisheries.


Scottish Salmon Label Rouge

Scottish Salmon Label Rouge: What does the market expect? Some Insights on Communication. Survey with professional buyers (fishmongers, chefs, wholesalers) and medium term recommendations. Scottish Quality Salmon Board.


Farmed Cod

Chefs' perceptions of farmed cod Gadus morhua. Survey based on farmed cod testing with around 20 restaurant chefs in Paris and Boulogne-sur-mer region, in addition to blind testing (four different Gadus morhua prepared along three different recipes). Nofima, Norway.


Cobia / sushi

Chefs' perceptions of farmed cobia (Rachycentron canadum). What do sushi restaurants think of cobia fish? Market test. Vietnam producer of farmed cobia.


White Fish Fillets: Prospects in France

The future for fresh, chilled, frozen whitefish fillets on the French market. Nofima, Norway.



Marketing Audit of the industrial unit of the CME, large fishing cooperative: Diagnosis, Strategic plan and Recommended Actions; in partnership with Gressard consultants



Introduction of cobia on the French market: market tests with potential users (chefs), definition of the relevant marketing strategy, cobia producer


Italian seafood

Italian seafood product in France: market positionning, competitiveness ; Analysis of performances and potential (swot analysis). Ismea, Italie



Development strategy for fisheries products in Seychelles and feasibility studies of several adding values programmes, for SFA (Seychelles) in cooperation with Idmer (France)



Study on the development potential of marine aquaculture in Mauritius, in collaboration with Idée Aquaculture (France)


Ecolabelling schemes for Fisheries Products

This study offers a survey of current eco-labelling schemes, an assessment of the impact of these schemes for the fish industry in general and for developing countries in particular. FAO, Fisheries Division.


Marketing French Wild Mussels

Critical Analysis of Existing Selling, Processing and Marketing Practices of Mussels Producers operating in the Channel (East Cotentin Region) and Recommendations (for the Regional Fishermen Organisation).


Nephrops in Europe: Markets’ Opportunities

Analysis of the Spanish, Italian and French markets for Nephrops. On the markets for live, and Value added products, analysis of existing competitive environment and identification of zones of opportunities (for Seafood Scotland).


Fisheries and Aquaculture Industries in 2015: Prospective Analysis and Policy Recommendations:

Based on numerous interviews with industries stakeholders, analysis of the current Situation, identification of coming threats and opportunities, recommendations in terms of actions to undertake in the short term, Study carried out for the Regional Fishermen Association (Comité Régional des Pêches Maritimes de Basse Normandie).


Tropical shrimp: The European Market for Chilled Tropical Shrimp with focus on France, Spain, Portugal and the UK

Markets’ opportunities analysis and recommendations to a private tropical shrimp producer.


Canned Lobster

Chances of Success on the French Market: Market Analysis and Identity of Partners. Producer in Costa Rica


Marketing Value Added Brown Crab in Europe (France, Spain, Portugal)

Market Study, Existing Products and Chances of Success of New Products. Identification of Promising Segments and Potential Partners. SFIA, UK.

Customized reports and studies, seafood marketing advice, making connections with key seafood industry players... Some examples of recent work undertaken by Marketing Seafood.